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Bromine pool use chlorine as shock?

20-10-2014You likely have A LOT of bromine/bromide in the pool so a large bromine bank to convert You won't ever have actual free chlorine in your pool for very long as it will be consumed oxidizing bromide You will have plenty of bromine after you shock (oxidize) with bleach 3 As I said you'll have a bromine pool until you drain and refill Get price


How to Lower Bromine or Chlorine Levels in a Hot Tub

It's not often you'll need to reduce the sanitizer level in your hot tub In fact you'll most often find yourself testing sanitizer levels adding maintenance doses and shocking your hot tub just to make sure there's enough chlorine or bromine to keep your water clean and safe Get price


chlorine bromine floating

Test the bromine or chlorine daily for the next few days if the bromine stays between 26 ppm the float is calibrated If it remains above 6 ppm use fewer tablets and continue testing If the bromine level drops below 2 ppm add fastacting chlorine to get a 35 ppm reading and add extra bromine tabletsGet price


King Technology Above Ground Pool in

A pool chemical feeder will help you ensure the quality of your swimming water by automatically adding the perfect amount of chlorine or bromine to your pool The Perform-max chemical feeder for above ground pools sanitize up to 20 000 gallons of water while holding up to 7 pounds of chlorine Get price


Chlorine Vs Bromine For On Ground Pools

Chlorine Vs Bromine For On Ground Pools For new and old pool owners the question of what chemical can be a difficult one to answer For a long time the standard answer was to just use chlorine but today there are other alternatives that must be considered Get price


How to Reduce Pool or Spa Chlorine Levels

Reduce the amount of chlorine used after adding pool stabilizer Different times of year require different levels of chlorine or bromine Hot and sunny days use more chlorine and pools that have more swimmers and heavier leaf debris – all need more chlorine to maintain levels Get price


chlorine bromine ground

Bromine Bromine is the third halogen being a nonmetal in group 17 of the periodic table Its properties are thus similar to those of fluorine chlorine and iodine and tend to be intermediate between those of the two neighbouring halogens chlorine and iodine Bromine has the electron configuration [Ar]3d 10 4s 2 4p 5 with the seven electrons Get price


Chlorine shock a bromine pool

2-3-2017Adding chlorine to a bromine pool only re-activates the bromine already in the pool Eventually the bromine will get diluted out of the pool water but that would most likely take a long span of time Hopefully one of our more knowledgeable members will be along shortly to add to or correct my statements Take this welcome as a free bumpGet price


Bromine Tablets

Bromine is a powerful and effective sanitizer like chlorine but it is much less irritating to your skin and eyes produces no chlorine odor and makes your pool or spa water silky smooth! Bromine 1 Tablets are a great choice for those who are looking for an alternative to chlorine Get price


How to Drop Bromine Levels in Pools

21-10-2019Due to the body oils and other contaminants constantly put into a swimming pool the water requires regular sanitation from specialized chemicals Bromine acts as a sanitizer in pool water killing bacteria body oils and other forms of contaminants A bromine level that is Get price


Bromine and Chlorine Pools

Bromine and Chlorine Pools GET A FREE QUOte Home / Accessories / POOL CHEMICALS / Bromine and Chlorine Pools Swimming Pool Discounters has a wide variety of pool chemicals for your inground or above ground bromine or chlorine swimming pools Contact us today and save Get price


Chlorine Bromine

PoolDeals provides the best deals on swimming pool supplies pool equipment swimming pool liners covers parts and accessories We offer products for above and in-ground swimming pools such as solar covers pool cleaners chemicals and more Contact us at 1-800-768-1049 today!Get price


Swimming Pool Secrets Tip #10 Once a Bromine Pool

Here it is chlorine converts 'used up' bromine (bromide) back to free bromine and in the process is converted itself to 'used up' chlorine As a result as long as even 2 or 3 ppm of bromide ions remain in the water you CAN'T have a chlorinated pool And since bromine can't be stabilized you also CAN'T have a stabilized pool Get price


Pool Chlorine Guide Everything You Need To Know In 2019

Bromine Bromine is a close cousin of chlorine typically bought in tablet form and functions in much the same way on a molecular level So yeah if you have allergies or other issues with chlorine you may find bromine equally problematic There are some notable benefits to using bromine however Get price


Pools Without Chlorine?

Pools Without Chlorine As a pool and spa expert I have heard every variation of this question from concerned pool owners looking to operate their pools without chlorine Having a chlorine free pool sounds like a healthy chemical free alternative to traditional chlorine sanitizer in pools Get price


Swimming Pool Chlorine Tablets

Shop All Baby Trending in Baby Premium Brands Gifts for Baby Walmart Exclusives Sesame Street 50th Anniversary OXO Tot Hello Bello Baby Clean Living Shop Innovation Technology Disney Baby The Pool Brand 3-Inch Swimming Pool Chlorine Tablets - 50 Pounds Product Image 8 Deluxe Spa Hot Tub or Pool Bromine or Chlorine Feeder Product Get price



Taylor Swimming Pool Spa Water 4-In-1 Chlorine Bromine pH Test Kit | K-1003 Over 100 tests for total chlorine bromine pH Also tests King Technology Above Ground Pool in-Line Chlorine Chemical Feeder – up to 20 000 Gallons July 24 2019 In The Swim Basic Pool Opening Chemical Start Up Kit – Up to 7 500 Gallons Get price


What is the ground state configuration of chlorine?

The ground state configuration of the neutral chlorine atom is 1s^2 2s^2 2p^6 3s^2 3p^5 The ground state is the most stable energy state for the electrons of a given atom A neutral chlorine atom has 17 protons (atomic number 17) and 17 electrons The first two electrons are located in the 1s orbital In the second energy level two electrons Get price


Uses of chloride/bromide ratios in studies of potable water

In natural ground water systems both chlorine and bromine occur primarily as monovalent anions chloride and bromide Although dissolution or precipitation of halite biological activity in the root zone anion sorption and exchange can affect chloride/bromide ratios in some settings movement of the ions in potable ground water is most often Get price


Above Ground Pool Test Kits (Defined)

There are many different above ground pool test kits available Above Ground Pool Test Kits (Defined) Copper is used in pool water to control algae improve water clarity and reduce the amount of chlorine bromine and other harmful oxidizing chemicals Get price


Chlorine vs Bromine

Bromine works better at higher temperatures than chlorine Above 75F bromine remains stable whereas chlorine is more effective in temperatures as low as 65F This makes bromine a better choice for hot tubs and spas and an unheated pool will be better served by the use of chlorine Get price


Swimming Pools Alternatives to Chlorine

23-8-2016Chlorine keeps swimming pools safe and clean but there are alternatives to chlorine if you're willing to pay the price Chlorine is popular because it handles the three main jobs in keeping a swimming pool clean It sanitizes (kills bacteria and germs) oxidizes (controls organic debris fromGet price


Chlorine Bromine

Chlorine Bromine can be found at a low price In the current economy it's vital to get the most you'll be able to for your shopping dollar when looking for what you need The easiest way to get the most for your money nowadays in by shopping on the web eBay is recognized as the best online shopping site with the cheapest price ranges swiftest shipping and delivery and best customer support Get price



Chlorine gas can be pressurized and cooled to change it into a liquid so that it can be shipped and stored When liquid chlorine is released it quickly turns into a gas that stays close to the ground and spreads rapidly Chlorine gas can be recognized by its pungent irritating odor Get price


Hot Tubs Chlorine/Bromine vs Saltwater [Infographic]

Mineral Chlorine/Bromine Method The simplest maintenance system tablets cubes granules are placed in the tub floater and skimmer from pre-measured packages Simplicity The addition of chlorine or bromine to your hot tub is fairly simple Effectiveness Chlorine and Bromine are effective sanitizers even for heavily trafficked tubs NeutralityGet price


How to Shock a Pool With Bromine

21-9-2017Chlorine and bromine are the two most effective shockers in that order with bromine causing less eye irritation and releasing fewer odorous fumes than chlorine When a pool is shocked with bromine you can hop in 15 minutes later with no adverse effects -- not so with chlorine Get price


How to reduce Chlorine and Bromine usage in your pool

The more bacteria there is the more Chlorine and Bromine is needed to keep the bacteria under control You want the pool to be comfortable to swim in But if you're debating whether to turn it up a few degrees you might want to think about how it can affect your Chlorine and Bromine usage Get price


chlorine as disinfectant for water

Chlorine is always found in compounds because it is a very reactive element Chlorine can usually be found bond to sodium (Na) or in kitchen salt (sodium chloride NaCl) Most chlorine can be found dissolved in seas and salty lakes Large quantities of chlorine can be found in the ground as rock salts or halite The properties of chlorineGet price


Chemical Feeders Chlorine Dispensers

Whether you have an in-ground or above-ground pool a chemical feeder is a quick and efficient way to distribute chlorine or bromine There are three types of chemical feeders floating in-line and off-line Each type of chemical feeder has its own advantages and all reduce work for the pool or spa owner Get price


Large Floating Pool and Spa Chlorine/Bromine Tablet

This dispenser works for in-ground pools above ground pools and spas and comes with an adjustable chlorine output vent that can be set to your liking Sturdy long-lasting construction and great for use with large 3 in or small 1 in chlorine or bromine tablets and sticks Get price


Natural Chlorine? You Bet!

Most people know that table salt a natural mineral essential for the proper functioning of our nervous and muscular systems is sodium chloride But many would be surprised to know that hundreds probably thousands of organic chlorine chemicals are produced by an array of biological and natural chemical processes in our environment Get price


Bromine for Swimming Pools

Bromine sanitizers for swimming pools | More and more Costa Blanca pool owners and professionals are switching to bromine for pool sanitation If you have a problem pool (with heavy bather load) a community facility or would just prefer not to swim in chlorinated water Bromine Systems are Get price


Pool Chlorines/Bromines for sale

Bromine is a powerful and effective sanitizer like chlorine but it is much less irritating to your skin and eyes It produces no chlorine odor and makes your pool or spa water silky smooth! Bromine dissolves at a much slower rate and requires an automatic feeder that can be Get price



Bromine can also be found as an alternative to chlorine in swimming pools Products containing bromine are used in agriculture and sanitation and as fire retardants (chemicals that help prevent things from catching fire) Some bromine-containing compounds were historically used as sedatives (drugs that can make people calm or sleepy) Get price


How to Chlorine Wash a Pool 11 Steps (with Pictures

29-3-2019How to Chlorine Wash a Pool If your pool has sat unused and/or uncleaned for a long time you may find algae making it their home The only way to rid your pool of green or mustard algae is to get a chlorine wash (also called a chlorineGet price

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